Now raise your hands if you don’t like Goa. Well, we all know the answers right? Goa is known as the party capital of India and why not, the moment you step in this beautiful land of beaches the first thing you do is grab a beer (Well, the majority of them do).

Although Goa has its reputation of being the party capital of India, there are also so many things a person can do apart from dancing the night nightclubs.
Just in case you are not a party person, like me, you can spend your days in Goa by taking a stroll at quaint beaches, hiking, admiring beautifully crafted Portuguese style churches and complexes. Visiting Butterfly Island, and exploring other hidden gems.
However, I didn’t do all of it because I am such a loser! So, I plan to re-visit this plan soon and that will be a long trip to Goa and bring you the best of it.
Well, in the nutshell, the place is beautiful and as a tourist, you will have altogether a different experience here. I explored a lot of beaches in Goa and went all touristy. Thankfully for me, Calangute and Candolim both weren’t as crowded as people told me they would be.
But Sinquerium beach was one of the best things that happened to me. This beach is (or I guess was) one of the most unexplored beaches in North Goa. The beach had not more than 10 people in total when I went there and witnessed the most amazing sunset coupled with high tides.
While North Goa is Hot & Happening, South Goa is peaceful and quiet & I must say it is essential to experience both, at least I did.

Although I was on a NO CELL PHONE TRIP, still managed to take some shots for my blog. Here are some of the pictures from my memorable trip!

But sadly the tourism has taken a toll on Goa and many expansions have been done which hardly involved any planning. Plus, the beer cans and alcohol bottles on the beaches are becoming the common sight, especially at the party beaches like Baga.

Things to keep in mind while in Goa:

  • Beware of frauds and keep an eye on your valuables. People are kind-hearted and humble but when visiting a tourist hotspot one must never invite trouble.
  • Apply lots of sunscreens & reapply it every 3 hours. I had a very distasteful experience when my sunscreen got over and I took it rather casually and carried on my trip without it. It just happened once because I learnt my lesson after I experienced some pretty harsh effect of the sun on my skin.
  • Pack light. Carry all your flowy dresses and shorts and enjoy the easy breezy atmosphere of this tropical state.
  • Goa is a beach paradise and obviously, you are going to have your share of fun at the beach. So carry rubber footwear and totally avoid suede and leather. Yes, you can carry some for the night parties but throughout the day, your chappals are good to go.
  • You needn’t book a hotel in advance, unless you are traveling with a baby, family or during heavy season. There are so many options available. Visit the place bargain and choose whatever suits you the best.
  • Goa is fun.  Go there with friends, your partner or solo just make sure that you don’t act like a prick and litter the place.
  • Drink and drive can lead you into serious trouble. Try avoiding that.

Also, another disturbing thing I noticed in Goa was speeding and catcalling. First things first: Goa has narrow roads and people often walk around on roads and hop from one café to another. So you need to act responsibly and not turn other’s vacation into a nightmare.

Secondly, I am talking about eve-teasing here because I witnessed it. Guys, if you are on a vacay so is another person. For all those who do that – May, you rot in hell.

Other than that, Goa is a chilled out place to be and for all those who are making plans to visit Goa but unfortunately haven’t been there yet—The experience is worth it, pack your bags and leave!