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It wasn’t the cliff I wanted to jump from and conquer, they were my own thoughts”

– Shambhavi

Just like every other traveller, I had this thing for travel since my childhood; I was fond of accompanying my father on his official tours to cities and even villages, even if it meant missing my school. I was attracted to new places, I used to have sleepless nights just thinking about the place and how would it treat me, yes they seldom came along with disappointments too (Oh! Those good old days). I really never wanted those days to end, but then primary education turned into secondary to senior secondary and missing school for travelling became a distant dream.

After pursuing my post-graduation in journalism I desperately wanted a break and that is when I decided to take a solo trip to Rishikesh. That was my first experience of travelling alone and it was filled with nervousness and excitement at the same time.  I wished for the roads to never end.

In a moment when I was standing at the edge of the cliff I realised it wasn’t just one question whether to jump or not, but it was also what if I don’t want any career? It was about “This Life vs. That Life’. The next moment I jumped from the cliff and sunk into the mighty ‘Ganges’, I realised what I wanted (and my happiness was followed by two more jumps).

Hi, I am Shambhavi and I want to take you with me on my travel expeditions. It’s been six months since I have fallen in love with nature and now there is no stopping!

‘Trail Travel Wilderness’ takes you on the tour to cities that are beyond the usual ‘big is grand’ label. From tier 2 cities to travelling hacks there’s everything you would love to read. This blog is not about the fancy words or typical one-liner but about that true feeling which comes to you when you visit a place. This blog is about people, places and things that you explore.

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