Half of the people I know aren’t, aware of the place called Bir Billing & the other half know it just for it paragliding escapades. Well, Billing is the world’s second highest paragliding spot- YES & the majority of us know it that ways even I was the one who did but before I visited there. Well, for the ones belonging to the first half Bir is the small town in the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas and Billing is the jumping point for the Paragliders above it at the altitude of 9000 Ft.




Happy & Scared me!
Happy & Scared me!



Sitting at my office desk I came across this extended weekend getaway itinerary to this serene town. Without giving it a second thought I decided to book it. It was November and the cold breeze signalled winters (& for some unknown reasons I have always loved mountains when they are at their coldest best).

Well, like most of my weekend getaways Billing just happened there wasn’t any extensive research involved or any prior planning done, I would be lying if I say that paragliding wasn’t the thing that attracted me; in fact, like many, I went there for it.

My itinerary involved an overnight journey from Delhi to Bir, breakfast at Bir followed by a trek to Billing, night stay in camps in Billing followed by a paragliding.

As per our plan we were on the mildly cold Saturday morning. Since I never like to stay in a hotel for more than an hour during my trips (excluding my good night’s sleep, obviously) I got fresh and went on to explore the nearby tea gardens. After wandering for a while and basking in the beauty of the place I came across the beautiful Garden Cafe. The place had the total mountain feel.



Totally loved this place! MUST VISIT
Totally loved this place! MUST VISIT


We sat there for the little refreshment and started with our trek to Billing. We were the group of six people accompanied by the local guide. Well, trekking is the beautiful way to get closer to nature. We started our trek at approximately 12 at noon and reached Billing at around 7 pm. It was cold and we witnessed light snowfall when we reached the top.






and you'll always find my Quechua bottle by my side
and you’ll always find my Quechua bottle by my side


Our camps were waiting for us and it was freezing there, and above all the extremely windy weather was making it hard for our tents to stay at a place. We somehow spent that night trying to sleep, hearing the dogs bark outside and gazing the stars by peeking outside our tents.



I wanted to show you guys how we spent the night but his is what I managed to capture.
I wanted to show you guys how we spent the night but this is what I managed to capture.


Finally, the windy night made way for peaceful sunrise and it was the DAY 2! Our paragliding instructors were there arranging for the big jump and meanwhile, we were busy adoring the beauty and taking pictures. After few minutes it was our turn, yes when someone you have just met suddenly takes over your life, it scares you. But the thought of not taking that adventure would have haunted me for the lifetime. So, as instructed I jumped & my words might fail to describe the feeling, hence the pictures.



Mornings like these..
Mornings like these…


We weren’t able to capture beautiful horses grazing on the other mountain, but trust me it was the kind of morning I’ll choose over any comfortable suite life.


Gearing up for a big flight!
Gearing up for a big flight!


WOOOOO…Here we go!


travel. 1jpg




The moment I touched the ground, I knew I had to do it again in my life. Well, keep looking for space & let me know if you guys have some questions which I can cater the next time I go.

We decided to utilise the day and explore the nearby monastery, we hired the taxi and visited this colourful place called Palpung Sherabling Monastery


Our day was nearing an end but we didn’t want to head back home, so we decided to hit our all-time favourite spot- MANALI. Yes, I have written about the place earlier & you can check it out here https://trailtravelwilderness.com/manali-beauty-worth-a-million-dollar-painting/

So if you are planning to visit Bir, visit Manali as well- don’t be a jerk.

Reaching Manali...
Reaching Manali…


The beautiful attic in Manali where I stayed...
The beautiful attic in Manali where I stayed…


BIR-BILLING is the perfect place to visit with your adventurous gang. Take a weekend away from your busy schedule to enjoy the beauty of nature with a pinch of excitement.


TRAVEL TIME FROM DELHI: Bir is a 7-hour bus ride from the National capital- Delhi.

This is me while I try to sleep in bus during my journey
This is me while I try to sleep in a bus during my journey



If you are going in the colder months don’t forget to keep yourself warm.

Carry the mosquito repellent or patches.

Travel Light.

When camping, forget about clean toilets. You might also have to do your business in the open. So DON’T FORGET to carry tissue paper roll, paper soap, sanitizer and any other hygiene supply you feel like.





Have a great trip